Featured Products

Discover new and innovative products offered by Vanco Electrical Supplies.  From time to time, we will feature an assortment of electrical products from manufacturers on our line card.  Here in this section you will find products ranging from: MTE’s line reactors, load reactors, harmonic filters, sine wave filters, to Control By Web (Xytronix) ‘s web relays, to Electrotek’s Power Factor Correction equipment.  As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us using the chatbot or give us a call.

Unlimited Possibilities for Industrial Internet of Things

The X-401 is a direct replacement for our X-301 (WebRelay-Dual). It has two SPDT relays (form C) and two optically-isolated inputs, plus all of the advanced features from our 400-series products.

Powerful scheduler with normal and override schedules, super flexible task builder, encrypted web pages, seamless peer-to-peer communications, and much more.

No software required, no programming necessary, and no subscription to buy.


Product Highlights:

  • 2 Digital Inputs and 2 SPDT Relays (Form C)
  • Powerful Scheduler
  • Seamless Peer-to-Peer Communication
  • Advanced Task Builder
  • Email/Text Notifications
  • Built-in Web Server

Electrotek AFH Series – Active Harmonic Filters

Designed to limit harmonics levels at their point of connection to within harmonics limits. The system comes with all components, cabling, control equipment, operator interface, microprocessors, semi-condustors, fuses, circuit breakers and support system as required to provide a fully functional system. The Active Power Filter is fully rated.

Product Highlights:

  • Remove Odd & Even Harmonics from 2nd to 51st orders
  • Improve lagging & leading Power Factor at input to loads
  • Compensate unbalance Loads
  • Reduce Apparent Power (kVA) consumption at supply source
  • Help avoid the need for oversized neutral conductors and transformer
  • Help resolve nuisance tripping of MCCBs due to harmonics
  • Adjustable target power factor

The Future of dv/dt Filters is here

The dV Sentry™ is like nothing you’ve seen before. Our latest Patented* technological innovation has made the dV Sentry the revolutionary solution for motor protection. With its patented design, the dV Sentry is the first proven filter that provides common mode reduction, peak voltage protection and rise time reduction – all in one unit. This gives greater motor protection over time. It features a small footprint and easy terminations to make installation faster and easier. Plus, it runs quietly and radiates less heat than previous filters. The dV Sentry is unique, and when it comes to motor protection, there is nothing better.

Product Highlights:

  • True common mode reduction, peak voltage protection, and rise time reduction
  • World leading motor protection technology in the market
  • Low watts loss
  • Small, advanced, robust design, easily installed
  • Quiet as a conversation
  • Three-year warranty