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Electricity is produced by the utility company and is metered (invoiced) at A for a large industrial customer or at B for a commercial or residential customer. Harmonic currents (red arrows) are produced by the VFD (variable frequency drive) and they travel back up stream.
These harmonics cause problems and inefficiencies along the way:
• overloading and overheating of circuits and transformers
• metering and charges for power not used
• unwelcome harmonics passed back to the utility on the grid
• interference with control circuits and other more sensitive loads in the plant

Issues at this point include:
  • Protecting the VFD from the electrical impact of other electronic equipment on the same system.
  • Protecting other electronic equipment from the electrical impact of the VFD.
  • Freeing up cable and transformer capacity used up by harmonic currents produced by the VFD etc.
  • Helping meet Utility requirements and standards.
  • Improving the Power Factor.
Vanco addresses these issues with the following products:
MTE 3% LINE/LOAD REACTOR   Protects the front end of the drive from harmful voltage spikes and reduces harmonics.
MTE MATRIX FILTER   Limits harmonics to 5% of the full load current. (Meeting IEEE 519 Specs)
ACTIVE FILTER   Cancels harmonics and increases power factor. (Loads of 1,500A and up)

Issues at this point include attenuating radio frequency and electro-magnetic interference produced by the VFD. Vanco restores clarity to the system with the following equipment:
MTE RFI/EMI FILTER   To attenuate high frequencies.

Issues at this point include:
  • Protecting the motor from voltages (spikes) higher than the insulation can stand.
  • Reducing motor noise.
  • Stopping transient voltages from shorting out through the motor bearings.
Vanco offers the following systems to mitigate these issues:
MTE 5% LINE/LOAD REACTOR   For VFD to motor distances < 200ft (load side of VFD)
MTE dVdT FILTER   For VFD to motor distances > 200 ft but < 1500 ft (load side of VFD)
MTE SINE WAVE FILTER   For VFD to motor distances > 1500 ft (load side of VFD)

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